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Sales Management

As sales management practitioners and advisors Horizon Business Development can help to improve your organisations sales effectiveness in order to increase revenue.


Horizon can provide a wide range of sales management responsibilities that includes face to face sales and presenting.


Horizon will also work with incumbent sales team to increase their efficiency through improved systems, coaching and training.


We help to support our clients in the following key areas:


    • Management

    • Mentoring & Sales Training

    • Assessments

    • Recruiting advice

    • Planning

    • Operations


By working closely with our clients we will produce a strategic sales plan including targets and forecasts. By using our expertise and experience we can help our clients to -


    • Hire new sales staff

    • Coach under-performers

    • Develop sales plans and strategy

    • Implement and update reporting systems

    • Establish or redefine bonus and commission plans

    • Set sales targets

    • Define performance standards

    • Set sales territories

    • Conduct personnel performance reviews

    • Deliver tailored training programs

    • Manage the sales budget

    • Communicate sales performance internally

    • Evaluate and review sales pipeline and forecasting

    • Lead sales meetings

    • Provide tactical advice on sales opportunities





Managed growth through targeted marketing campaigns that suit your budget and deliver your business aspirations.....Nice!


Marketing is an extremely broad subject and as such needs to be interpreted and applied on a case by case basis.  We will work with you to understand your objectives and the challenges that you face, then agree to a plan based on the most appropriate online and offline marketing procedures to deliver your objectives.


Our marketing services include:


    Market Research

    Competitor Analysis

    Focus Groups

    Identification of new products & services

    New Target Markets


    Market Analysis


    Partner & Affiliate programs

    Social Media


    Direct Marketing

    Product Marketing

    Display Advertising

    Website - Analytics, SEO & PPC


Increase your clientele through:

    • Professional sales presentations

    • Lead Generation

    • Demand Generation

    • Brand Awareness

    • Advertising

        o Print

        o Radio

        o Online & Mobile

        o TV





Networking is a powerful business tool and can play a vital role in promoting a company’s business, especially in niche and technical markets where other sales and marketing methods may not reach your chosen targeted audience.


We will attend business meetings, seminars and networking events on our client’s behalf in a professional and dedicated manner. If required, Horizon Business Development will prepare powerful presentations and deliver these at exhibitions and business meetings, allowing our clients to concentrate on their core capabilities.


Having an in-depth understanding of our core markets and a broad network of contacts within those key industries, allows us to provide our clients with the opportunity to tap into a wealth of already well established contacts, that will save both time and resources.




Business Strategy

By taking an unbiased overview of your business we can apply a fresh perspective on the direction and overall strategy, allowing new approaches to your business development.


With the world changing at such a rapid pace, decisions and methods that were appropriate in the past can if left unattended, leave a company vulnerable now.


What to tackle first, the best use of resources, identifying easy wins, new markets and new opportunities.  Growth through acquisition, growth through R&D, adding value through IP, planning an exit strategy, when to export, where to export.  These are just a small selection of  business strategy considerations and decisions that Horizon Business Development can help to guide you through.




Creative Services

Horizon Business Development can bring to life your creative thoughts and ideas and can provide you with stunning visuals to invigorate your marketing campaign.


Whatever creative advertising you choose to champion your company our design team will ensure that your brand can adapt to any media format.


We offer all of the following services:

    • Graphic Design

    • Brand concepts & Brand management

    • Website design

    • Digital design – Mobile Applications

    • Billboard Campaigns

    • Press, magazine or print advertising

    • Promotional brochure / magazine

    • Promotional items or business stationary

    • Social network account design

    • Promotional video design

    • Corporate presentation design

    • Television advertisements

    • Company Re-branding




Grants & Funding

Most businesses are aware that grant funding is available, but many do not have the time to research and engage fully with the process. Horizon Business Development can help by advising on the most practical approach and to assist with the application processes.


In certain circumstances it may be beneficial for an SME to enter a partnership arrangement with a Tier 1 organisation in order to qualify for a funding initiative.


Grants and Funding can be obtained through a number of funding streams including:


    • Local Government Grants

    • National Government Grants

    • R&D Tax Credits

    • European Grants

    • Regional Growth Funds

    • Technology Transfer Initiatives

    • Low Carbon Grants

    • Crowd funding

    • Private Investors







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